Solar Pathway Light With Motion Sensor


Product Description

Solar Pathway Light Motion Sensor, Outdoor Led Path Light, Solar Motion Landscape Light, 2Pack, for Garden/Yard/Lawn/Step/Driveway/Walkway…High bright 100LM.

【Energy Saving】: Horizontal-designed solar panel permits sun to charge the battery from all directions in the daytime. As long as there is plenty of sunshine, this Solar Path Lights can be charged automatically, you don't have to take care of it. For best performance, please put the solar path light in a place that it can get direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is important!! More hours the light fixture being charged, more hours it works in the night.

【Motion Activation】: When the weather gets dark, a dim, constant mode will work automatically and then a brighter, motion activated mode when you approach the pathway light. The pathway light gets brighter until the motion goes away... then it goes back to the regular dim brightness to save power. It dims but stays on all night and keeps the pathway lighted.

【Easy to install】: Quick and fast installation within 5minutes. No wire and no electrician required. User friendly. Just put the switch to “Auto” position and let sun do the rest.

【Weatherproof】: High quality durable ABS plastic structure can withstand tough situation. It allows the path light fixture to work in all conditions. Rain or snow shouldn't affect the performance as long as it gets the light of sun during the day.


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